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Procession for the Stations of the Cross

Here it is Jerzy's biggest project to date:


This is something that has never been attempted in the history of Country Music. This latest project "CHANGE" or "Procession of the Stations of the Cross," is the story of Good Friday. Jerzy's intent was to create something that will make all people, not only Christians, live their lives and try to make positive Changes as well give thanks for the gifts of every day. He also wanted to make music that is easy to listen to by people of all ages. 
Now let the "Change" begin.

  Sample verses:

1. Lets Look together:
(2 min 48 sec)

Let's look together,
Back through our lives,
What God did for us
What we did for Him.

2.  Stations of the Cross:
 (10 min 56 sec)

Station XIII
People my people how could you do this,
I gave my life for all, You must try to change,
My heart is full of love,
Just ask for forgiveness.

3.  Change:
(6 min 26 sec)

 Don't change love to hate,
 Change hate into love.
 Don't change heart to stone,
 Change the stone to heart

Turn defeat to triumph,
Turn lies into truth,
Turn a cry to laughter,
Turn the bad to good.

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