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The complete poems on this page are contained in the collection Treasures of Life

      Trilogy of Love

The Love

What is the love?

Can we really know her?

Maybe just from hearing,

We know little of her.





Look around spring is coming,

Look around birds are singing,

Look around flowers are blooming,

Now is the time for love.



         Trying to Catch the Heart

Where Are You

Where are you star of my dreams,

Where are you star of my thoughts.

My lips are burning,

My lips are waiting,

My lips are dreaming,

Please come to me.

Please come to me.


Don't Leave Me

Where are you going my shadow?

Your hands are raising and crossing.

Lightning circling around you,

Where are you going my shadow?


Just Let Me Say

For me there is waiting another world,

Which is in my heart and in my mind,

I always was belonging to.

I'm very sorry, there is no place for you.




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