The Music of Jerzy Przybylski (ASCAP)

Don't Take Me Wrong

Second album by Jerzy


So the wait is finally over. It is here and hopefully worth the wait. Jerzy's second CD is a continuation

of his journey through life. As with any journey, there are good days and bad ones, happiness and sadness

througout it all. One thing remains constant: Jerzy's desire to capture it all with his music. Listen with

an open heart and open mind, and most importantly "Don't Take Him Wrong."


Here are just a few more sample verses from Jerzy's soon to be released second album "Don't Take Me Wrong."

That What They Tell You

Go with the crowd,
Or be alone.
Go with the wind,
Or be put down.

That's what they tell you,
That's what they want.
Be with the crowd,
Go with the wind.



In the Jungle

In the jungle without roads,
It is easy to be lost.
In the jungle full of beast,
It is easy to be bait,

Sometimes life is like a jungle,
It is easy to be lost.
Sometome people act like beasts,
It is easy to be bait.



Don't Take Me Wrong

My eyes still see,
My heart still feels,
My mind is still clear,
My ears still hear.

I am still free,
Don't take me wrong.
I am alive,
Don't take me wrong.



The Time

Time is going forward,
Time is always changing.
Changing the figures of the world,
Always different.

Sometimes lost empires,
Sometimes lost people.
Changing the figures of the world,
Always different.



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