The Music of Jerzy Przybylski (ASCAP)

Jerzy's New CD


"Hello My Sunshine"



01.   Hello My Sunshine
02.   When it Seems Like
03.   Life is a Game (Instr)
04.   River of Love
05.   If Somebody
06.   I Hope that You Remember
07.   Odyssey (Instr)
08.   There is a God Love
09.   The Music
10.   Little Lady (Instr)
11.   Puppet
12.  Teddy Bear


In this New Cd ..

Jerzy look back on His life from His childhood...
the good and a bad days...
the happyness and sadness...
We hope that you all will like this new music and
it will got a good reviews from the music industry...

This is also something to smile a little...
On the one of trips to His Homeland Poland ..


Jerzy wrote a "Wroclaw Krasnale Stories" two of them are bellow:

The Musician and His Fan Krasnale… 

One day The Musician showed-up on the Rynek (main square of the city) and started playing. His music was terrible so people were giving Him money to stop playing but having one loyal Fan He kept playing.. in some point He accumulated so much money that at some point He become a President of The Sony Records.. giving the Vice President cheer to His brother Fan…as the story goes they are become rich and currently living in Beverly Hills, California. If you are a musician, singer or composer, I strongly advise you to keep the small copy of The Musician and His Fan Statue or picture handy. It is always good to get some help from someone high in the music business.

The PRL  Krasnal

He is the youngest son of The Papa Krasnal. In His short life He already experienced a lot:

The rise and fall of The Polish Peoples Republic (now the name of the country changed to The Republic of Poland). He witnessed and has been a part of the great Solidarity movement and because of differences with Lech Walensa, He already retired from public life

Right now He welcomes all the people with an open heart when they visit Wroclaw and if You ask … He will tell you the stories from His life…and believe me you will listen to them with an open mouth.

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