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December 2008

Seems like NOVEMBER DECEMBER are lucky months for Jerzy and His Group.

Dear Jerzy,

Thank You… I have it loaded and ready to play .
Yes oh I love these tytytyty… more…. more
Yes Hun I will play all of them …I will …

1. “I’m Waiting for You” from the album “I’m Waiting for You” 2. “Just Let Me Say Good Bye” from the album “Life is a Game” 3. “Life is a Game” from the album “Life is a Game”
4. “Little Lady” from the album “Life is a Game”
5. “Loving” from the album “A Special Day”
6. “Be a Man” from the album “A Special Day”
7. “The Day” from the album “Secrets of Life”
8. “Where are You” from the album “I’m Waiting for You” 9. “Once a Year” from the album “Life is a Game”

Connie Bennington
4109 Cedar Ridge Rd.
Dayton , OH 45414


Dear Jerzy,

Thank you for sending me your CD "I'm Waiting For You" for review and possible air play on
Rapture Radio.
I have now completed my review of your album and find your music to from good and wholesome. I will be able to broadcast selected tracks in our New Year 2009 broadcasting schedule. I will also use the following songs you submitted by email:

1. “ Let’s Look Together “ from the Album “ Change “
2. “ Change “ from the Album “ Change “
3. “ Once a Year “ from the Album “ Life is a Game “
4. “ A Special Day “ from the Album “ A Special Day “

Any plans for a completely Christian album?
We wish you well and all God's blessings.
All God's blessings... Pastor Keith

Rapture Radio
Pastor Keith Brown
93 North Avenue
Southend on Sea
Essex SS2 4EX

Love your songs Jerzy
I am putting them on the radio as we speak.

1. “Once a Year” from the album “Life is a Game”
2. “Just Let Me Say Good Bye” from the album “Life is a Game”
3. “I’m Waiting for You” from the album “I’m Waiting for You”
4. “End of The Road” from the album “River of Love”
5. “A Special Day” from the album “A Special Day”
6. “Life is a Game” from the album “Life is a Game”
7. “You Are Everything” from the album “A Special Day”

I would also like to do a radio interview with you on the phone, are You interested?
We are a independent radio station. We are artist based only and have a large audience.
Please feel free to send me more songs. Love your bio
Thanks for sending your info.

Kspaz Radio
Richard Spasoff
715 North Broadway - #176
Escondido, Ca. 92025




I got the songs they sound wonderful… Tomorrow I will make a CD with Your songs and make them ready for the Radio Play. 

They are:

1. I'm Waiting for You
2. Loving
3. Once a Year
4. You Are Everything
I wish You all the BEST

Witek Jachacz
Program Director
ul. Obrońców Pokoju 2
20-030 Lublin


Hey Jerzy,
I’ll play your “People Automatic” from the album “Secrets of Life”
On the December 16 show… Good Luck,

Troy Room
LA Talk Radio

November 2008

Two of Jerzy's songs.. "River of Love" and "Rainbow of Love" co written with a Gold Charter Member of the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, Mr. Joey Welz are released on the New
Mr. J. Joey Welz CD " A Story of An American Idol ".....
That CD will be presented in The MIDEM Song Festival in Cannes France January 2009

Also important is that the song "River of Love" has been released on the New CD "Canadian American Worldwide Radio Singles" from Comettale Music (ASCAP) which will be distributed World Wide Radio Stations.....

We are Very Proud to announce that it became a yearly tradition that a new song written by Jerzy will be released just for the coming Holidays on The New Christmas Album from New Christian Music... N C M # 58 " Get Up ". This time is the song " Loving " from the Cd "A Special Day" make the cut. What makes it more interesting that on that CD are many great songs sung by some great singers and songwriters like - Wyonna Judd, Randy Travis, Clint Miller ...
That Album will be distributed to over 700 Radio Stations World Wide...
We wish that Jerzy's song will go High on the Music Charts....

We are happy to announce that Jerzy's  Song "Loving" from the Album A Special Day is on the  2nd place  on the Euro Chart  
NCM Records
below some reviews:

1. Excellent  Song  I will play it on my radio station..

Martin Van Der Laan
Radio Compagnie
Noorderstraat 109a
9611 AC  Sappemeer
The Netherlands
telefoon: 0598-396688
fax: 0598-396382

2. Excellent  Song,  Clearly sung with perfect backing...
I grade it 10/10 and I will play on my Radio Station...

Keith Brown
Southend Full Gospel Church
Southend-on-Sea Essex
Essex UK SS2 5AT

These stations also are playing the song -

Triple D-Desert
4109 Cedar Ridge Rd.
Dayton, OH 45414

FAB AM-Sheffiel ,Radio
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

October 2008

In this new CD, written by Jerzy F. Przybylski, we see his new approach, new ideas transform in to the music.

" My Bliss " the theater play, is his first attempt to put to work his ideas outside of the main stream of pop music. We think that he was successful and that all you listeners will agree.

(C)(P) By:Jerzy F.Przybylski (ASCAP) 2008-02
San Dimas, CA 91773 USA
All Right Reserved
If You like to order cd - Please email at :

September 2008

e are very proud to announce that Jerzy is again recipient of the ASCAPLUS Award...

Dear Jerzy F. Przybylski,

We have recently concluded our annual meeting at which awards for the 2008 - 09 distribution were made. We are pleased to announce that an award has been made to you. We look forward to your participation in the ASCAPLUS Awards Program. ASCAPLUS Awards Panel Jazz & Popular Division
Peter Filichia
Peter Koopnows
Brian Mansfield
Melinda Newman
Pat Prescott

August 2008

We are proud to anounce that Jerzy is a head Composer of the new Theatre Play "My Bliss"... The music track from that play will be available in September / October....

On another note, Jerzy's page on " My Space" reached over 50,000 plays...

June 2008

Review By Paul Davis N C M

    Well conceived and executed by the enterprising singer-songwriter known as Jerzy. Poland-born and USA-based, I appreciated his very likeable town/country ditties that I imagine will appeal with a clear-cut country-charm. The diverse tales expressed in lyrical observation thaw the listener out. With a good vocal range, this CD's earthy songs are mostly love-ditties. Often contemplative and sentimental, he musically wears his heart on his sleeve. I enjoyed this healthy dose of tales written in plain-spoken lyrics that cut-to-the core of the matter against a background of competent musical teamsters. On the NCM Euro Chart, in recent years, the Band is gaining an easy-listening reputation, paying their dues to fame.


April 2008

And it's here, a Souvenir CD from the Award Ceremony at Radio Mike's Award Winners 2008 / NCM Records in the UK NCM Records ... Great Songs and Great Singers.. Jerzy Song "I'm Waiting for You" is also included...

March 2008

Good news for the song "I'm Waiting for You".... Currently This song is being played on : ALLRS Music Radio "ALLRS Music Radio"...

And furthermore, it's official - Jerzy is Songwriter of the year:

February 2008

Good news for the cd "I'm Waiting for You"....
Radio RCF Rivages

Dominique Lemarechal
6 Rue Per Jakez Helias
29860 Plabennec
BCMA Member
CMAA Member
Int'l CMA Member

Dear Jerzy,

Thanks for your letter with your cd 'I'm waiting for you' Very good songs, I like and your cd is in my 'Rockin Chair' program. The listeners love too the songs. I do in my program a game where the listeners win cd's, I would like to do to win the cd, if you want. I am interested by an autographed photo. Thanks for all Happy New Year Sincerely Dominique Lemarechal

Other news - We are proud to announce that Jerzy three Songs..
1. " I'm Wating for You "
2. " My Love "
3. " Don't Leave Me Alone "
will be released on Kitty Wu's New Cd " My Love "...

On another note..We are proud to announce that Jerzy Group Page on " My Space" has reached over 40,000 plays

January 2008

Good news for the cd "I'm Waiting for You"....
DEAR JERZY, thanks for the CD "I'm Waiting for You", 12 GREAT TRACKS. MY favorites are:

1. I'm Waiting for You
3. My Love
5. Where Are You
6. Don't Leave Me Alone
9. Welcome to My Heart
12. Just Give Me a Piece



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